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Ordered 3 gen 3 heaters, not available, was offered gen 4's but they didn't arrive until end of major heating season in Ohio (March 3rd). #1 worked part of next heating season and failed. $35 to ship to N. Ohio, received a reconditioned unit which failed almost immediately. #2 worked a bit longer than unit 1, but failed soon after, $35 to ship back and obtain reconditioned unit which didn't work at all. Testing anyone?? #3 worked a few months longer than the others but failed. At this point there were 3 units to send for "replacement" units. It is $105 to ship them back. Eden Pure has asked: what I have I done to cause these to quit heating? I said: Gee nothing beyond plugging them in and following the instructions for use.

Sad that I have spent over $1270 and have nothing to show for it. Tried contacting their former spokesperson Bob V for his input - hmm, he no longer hawks this product.

Please don't misunderstand my complaint. When these units work, they are GREAT, warm without a hot spot in the room, and the heat is consistent. But when they fail, they are merely a box on wheels.

I've had such a negative experience, I want Eden Pure to make this right and replace my 3 units free of charge with NEW, working heaters. More money out of my pocket to get units that work a short time is of no value to me.

I am sure I convinced many friends and family to get one (or more) of these, and hopefully their experience is far better than what I've experienced.

No luck with the Eden Pure website, calls to Customer Service, asking for supervisors, etc.

Monetary Loss: $1270.

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Southfield, Michigan, United States #777767

Be prepared to purchase new bulbs for EACH of your Edenpure heaters every heating season. (3 bulbs at $35 ea.

or $105 per heater)

While the advertizing copy on the Edenpure US 1000/Gen4 boxes touts a 20,000 hour life for the heater bulbs, I have yet to see a set of bulbs in a US 1000 or Gen4 last more than 400-500 hours of use. Based on what I know about the testing (SCI/Pinnacle did NO component testing at all during product development), I suspect the rated life (20,000 hours) is for operating those heater bulbs in still air with infrequent on/off cycles.

Due to a design flaw in the Edenpure heater air flow the bulbs will never last 1000 hours let alone 20,000. The coldest air is blown on the base of the red-hot bulbs and after several heat-up/cool-down cycles in the US 1000/Gen4 heater, the bulb seal fractures and then the bulb gets a small amount of oxygen every time the temperature cycles. This results in the nichrome wire filament oxidizing to the breaking point.

(if you happen to see one fail, it is a very spectacular light show. Looks like lightning inside the heater!) At least the quartz tube appears to be thick enough to contain the light show in those last 20 seconds of bulb life. (I've seen the ends blown off of some failed bulbs)

You'll know a bulb has failed when you smell burned metal (vaporized nickel-chromium wire). After that happens 3 times (usually all the bulbs will die in the same week) the heater will just blow cool air and it's time for you to shell out another $100+.

SCI has apparently determined the bulbs are a consumable item in spite of their advertized claims of a 20,000 hour bulb life.

Customers and employees aren't the only ones who get screwed by Suarez Corporation Industries. There is a very good reason SCI has such a large legal team on retainer.

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