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Last year I purchased 3 Eden Pure 750 Heaters for around $1,200.00. All of the units worked ok until they warmed up.

Once they started blowing heat, a loud rattle started in all of the units. The sound was so loud you could not watch TV or sleep with them on. Of course it was the middle of winter when I purchased them so I had to deal with it. I’ve been looking through all of the online complaints on this product and seen what a waste of time it is to deal with Eden Pure Customer service I just decided to throw my $1,200 in the dumpster and start over.

Now with the upcoming winter I’m looking for another heat source. I am very disappointed with this product and won’t purchase from this company again.

From now on I will do plenty of research before purchasing anything ever again. Expensive $$$ lesson learned.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Roundup, Montana, United States #1277231

I also had the noisy fan problem, which I eventually fixed. A bigger issue is the fact that the power cord plug gets too hot to touch when power is set high.

I replaced my EdenPure model USA750 with a slightly higher powered Honeywell unit that cost far less than the Edenpure 750 even though I bought the EdenPure at their "half price sale" promotion. The Honeywell plug does not get hot, ever. I opened the back of the model 750 and checked the plug and cord for a high resistance issue, which might cause the heating issue, but the resistance was very close to zero ohms. Another issue, checked with my Hewlett-Packard oscilloscope, is that the heater injects very high pulses into my home wiring, probably caused by the internal triac.

I do not need to have a connection to the wall outlet, as the pulse is high frequency and easily induced into my body and the only connection to the oscilloscope is me holding the scope probe with my finger, standing anywhere in the house I wish to stand. None of my three different model Honeywell heaters do this. The spikes are of a concern as they are higher than the peak-to-peak 60-cycle AC noise that anybody around AC current will be picking up. As long as I am anywhere in the house, these noise spikes will be induced into my body, as the current seems to be fed back into the wiring in the house, affecting the whole house.

I worked in biomedical engineering for 15 years, so I know the danger the spikes can present for long term health. My EdenPure model USA750 is out of service and I will not be buying anything else from EdenPure.

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