Bought our heater 3 years ago got it out to use for the 3rd winter and it worked about a week. Then it started blowing cold air.

Called the 1-800 number and was told I needed my proof of purchase before they could do anything. I told them I sent in my warranty card and they should have that information. They told me they don't keep them on file. What a waste of time talking to them!

What's the point of a warranty card if u don't keep them on file. Guess we're out of luck there.

So now we are taking the heater apart ourselves and paying the $100 dollars it cost to replace the bulbs ourselves. WHAT A SCAM WHEN IT COMES TO A WARRANTY!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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EdenPURE Gen4 A4643/RTL does not "light up' inside and blows no heat. Is it the thermostat or bulbs?

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States #1265865

My Eden Pure GEN 3 model A3705 will turn on and blow warm air for a while, then it will stop putting out heat but will keep blowing cold air. To repeat this it has to be unplugged for a while to get it to com on with warm air again.

The filter is clean and i installed new heat sensors. What is not working right in this heater?

to Glenn #1389985

I think you have an air flow issue. The fan is getting weak or slow.

The unit runs then it overheats internally and the limit switch shuts it down. What I do is take a paper towel section ( like Bounty) and lay it on top and let 7/8 fall or drape over the front. If that paper towel doesn't stand out straight or curl upward, the fan is slow. The paper towel should really flutter upward.

This is the best way I have found to check the air flow. It is simple and really works.

Solution is replace the fan and a new limit switch. Replace them in a set.

This seems to be a good test on all the 1500 watt models

to Morris Heating #1390205

Also check the filter behind the vent in the back. If it's covered in dust of nothing it will limit the air flow


I have two of the EdenPure heaters; one smaller one larger. They both blow cold air when the temperature gets to where you set your preferred at.

Kind of like the heater/AC in our $45,000.00 Jeep: If the ambient temp reaches the heat you set it for, it turns on the A/C to not go over the temp. You either turn it off, or turn the heat up farther to make it heat the air that is blowing. I usually just turn off the EdenPure until the ambient temp goes back down, then turn it on again. On the Jeep, I just turn it onto "manual" which works fine for me.

But EdenPure doesn't have that setting. And I'm sure not taking them apart to spend more $$ on them.

"BTW", two of these are all I'll ever have, won't buy another one.

Southfield, Michigan, United States #777167

Be prepared to purchase new bulbs for your Edenpure heater every heating season. (3 bulbs at $35 ea.)

While the advertizing copy on the Edenpure US 1000/Gen4 boxes touts a 20,000 hour life for the heater bulbs, I have yet to see a set of bulbs in a US 1000 or Gen4 last more than 400-500 hours of use.

Based on what I know about the testing (SCI/Pinnacle did NO component testing at all during product development), I suspect the rated life (20,000 hours) is for operating those heater bulbs in still air with infrequent on/off cycles.

Due to a design flaw in the Edenpure heater air flow the bulbs will never last 1000 hours let alone 20,000. The coldest air is blown on the base of the red-hot bulbs and after several heat-up/cool-down cycles in the US 1000/Gen4 heater, the bulb seal fractures and then the bulb gets a small amount of oxygen every time the temperature cycles. This results in the nichrome wire filament oxidizing to the breaking point. (if you happen to see one fail, it is a very spectacular light show.

Looks like lightning inside the heater!) At least the quartz tube appears to be thick enough to contain the light show in those last 20 seconds of bulb life. (I've seen the ends blown off of some failed bulbs)

You'll know a bulb has failed when you smell burned metal (vaporized nickel-chromium wire). After that happens 3 times (usually all the bulbs will die in the same week) the heater will just blow cool air and it's time for you to shell out another $100+.

SCI has apparently determined the bulbs are a consumable item in spite of their advertized claims of a 20,000 hour bulb life.

Customers and employees aren't the only ones who get screwed by Suarez Corporation Industries. There is a very good reason SCI has such a large legal team on retainer.

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