Purchased 2 of the gen 4 heaters. Both heating elements have completely gone out.

Tried calling Edenpure to purchase new ones and the customer representative acted as if I owed her something. Anyway, I took it to a local hardware place and they have someone on site that can repair the heater. Getting both repaired for 247.00 which is the cost of the newer model with the 202 dollar savings that I received in the mail. I will NEVER purchase another heater from these loser butt-wipes.

I paid nearly 500 dollars for two of these machines and I feel robbed. When they worked they worked reasonably well.

Now they've got to be repaired and that is an additional expense. The upshot is that I'm keeping my money local.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why are you people paying these outrageous prices for this junk? buy a Vornado heater..

They actually do work and they work well and they will heat a room quickly and efficiently .. I quit using my forced heat and air . I only use in extreme conditions like if im gone all day and house is extremely cold i will turn it on to get the chill out then the vornado takes over.

They are also a fan for hot weather and I have to say they are the best heater/fan I have EVER owned and about 1/4 the cost of these Eden pure things you are all buying. Buy a vornado.


Yup I was using them and my heating element went out if you use it constantly it lasts about1 season too expensive peoplesuck there.

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