do not buy the eden pure heater the small or the big shame on me for not checking it out first the biggest one 1500 could not heat your bathroom up with the door closed Save Your Money when they say it heats an entire room up in minute's they must mean twilight minute's lie's lie's lie's and bob vila who raves about this peice of garbage should be banned from tv this is the most horrible heater i have ever seen in my life i get more heat holding a match under my hand please everybody stay away from this total waste of money and tell your friends.

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Ash Fork, Arizona, United States #735902

I myself bought this **** used it for 2 winters and not only did my electric bill triple it does not work this winter. Bob should be shot for lying.

He should pay us all our money for listening to him. BAD BOB we will never listen to him or anyone for that mater.

I will never buy anything without checking this website first. THANKS BOB


We bought the EdenPure Heater GEN 4(1000 sq ft) after watching the commercial how great it was.BULL ****!Spent $400 and barely kept livingroom heated; packed away for summer, just brought upstairs plugged in and ya COLD air!! Was at Costco today where a couple were looking at Eden Pure and talked them out of it!

They got a different heater(I have 1 and love it)They saved $200 by not buying EdenPure! I lost $400 by getting one..


At Phyllis,

Did you try contacting the manufacturer about the problems you are having? Try 800-839-0966 for help.


We bought the unit in Nov 2010. Used it 1 1/2 winters. All of a sudden after less than 7200 total run hours, the unit started blowing cold air. All three bulbs had blown at the same time. I called to see about having new bulbs sent so they could be replaced and was told I would have to send the unit back and that I would have to pay shipping.

Since this unit was under a five year limited warranty and the average life of the bulbs was to have been 20,000, I was very vocal about the fact I would not pay for shipping and would tell everyone I knew or could FaceBook, or file a complaint with, including putting it on Richard Karn's and Bob Vila's FaceBook if possible, of my experiences with their product.

Although their customer service rep was rather nasty about it, they did send a prepaid label. I had to wait until I got the label, they got the unit back, and then the time for the refurbished unit to arrive, before finding out, it was far worse than refurbished - it looked like someone had hit it, it was scratched and dented. Along with that, it is another face design from the one I ordered - this one looks CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

The government should be looking into these people. It is in flagrant disregard of the truth in advertising law. Their written 100% statement of "customer guarantee" is a farce.

I was told I could not buy and replace the bulbs myself. Every time this unit goes out, it will have to be sent back. That means paying shipping and when the unit is out of warranty, that means you as consumer must pay labor and parts each time. Considering the fact the unit only works an average of one year, that is time and cost consuming.

In case people think I am just one disgruntled customer, you should go to consumers affairs website and see the huge amount of complaints listed for the EdenPure Gen4.

after seeing all the (same) complaints; a class action law suit should be filed against these people. Something I have never advocated until this fiasco. I think Bob Vila and Richard Karn should be ashamed of themselves for promoting what, to me, looks like an obvious fraud.


I purchase two of the Edenpure. Now I wish I didn't buy them.

They're no good when it's cold outside. Don't keep the rooms warm. And my electric bill sky rocket. Electric went three (3) times higher than what my bill is every month.

It's cheaper to use my furance than these costly heaters. Also when it's cold outside have to set on high setting and still don't keep room warm. They never shut off. Than if turn down lower.

It will keep shutting on and off. I wish I had never purchase them. It was money down the drain !!!!

It's true They're TOTALLY USELESS !! These are the EDENPURE Heaters.


:eek I hate to tell you that obviously you don't know how to use the heater. I've got two of them, and have no complaint of either.

You have to put it on "large room" and "small room" for your bath.

If you don't do that you will get a lot of cold air. I'm guess you didn't read the manual.


I purchase an Edenpure 3 years ago , the first heater lasted 1 year, that heat was updated to a Edenpure Gen3 ,it lasted on winter, the unit is only used 4 months a year and the heater will last one year, all lights on and blows cold air. Over priced and over rated. do not buy.


Edenpure has horrible customer service and after repeatedly trying to order a heater they never did send the right order and offered no resolution to the problem whatsoever. I would not buy anything from these people and they need reported to attorney general.


I bought the DR HEATER infrared room heater that at 1500 watts was advertised to heat 1000 sq.ft.; to heat a room in minutes. It is apparently no better than the EDEN PURE HATER.

Unpacked it; plugged it in; turned it on & set temp. to 72 degrees in a 300 sq.ft. room. After 45 minutes room temp.

raised only 2 degrees.

Repeated tests showed that it would only raise the room temp about 2 or 3 degrees over the central heating. THIS infrared heater is TOTALLY USELESS, IMHO.

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